A Tamiflu Coupon Lowers Flu Treatment Costs

In 2016, the FDA approved a Tamiflu generic, which is used to treat influenza A and B. The generic version of Tamiflu is called Oseltamivir Phosphate. This blog post will cover ways to save on the medication and how to get a Tamiflu coupon.

What is Tamiflu?

Tamiflu is used to treat patients who have experienced flu symptoms for no longer than 48 hours. The drug was approved in 1999, but hasn’t had a generic until now. It is not meant to be used to treat the common cold, or any other viral infection.

What does Tamiflu cost? 

You can expect to pay about $150 for 10 capsules of 75 MG. Wait right there though! We recommend filling the Tamiflu generic, since its cost is significantly lower. For 10 capsules of 75 MG Oseltamivir Phosphate (generic Tamiflu), you can expect to pay about $44! Can you believe those savings?

So why don’t people always fill generic instead of brand? Well, most of the time they do, but in some cases, physicians require patients to fill the brand version, instead of the generic. Even though generic drugs have the exact same active ingredients as their branded counterpart, it’s possible the inactive ingredients may vary slightly. This could possibly cause a patient to have unwanted side effects, though this is not commonly the case.

What is the name of the generic version?

Oseltamivir Phosphate is the generic version of Tamiflu.

Where can I find a Tamiflu coupon?

You’ve come to the right place, if you’re looking for a Tamiflu coupon. Using price search tools (like ours above!) is the best way to find coupons for your medications. By simply entering your name in SuReceta’s search tool, you can find a printable Tamiflu coupon for a pharmacy near you.

Is it available over the counter?

Since Tamiflu needs to be prescribed by your doctor, it is not available over the counter. If you are looking for an over-the-counter cold and flu medicine, you can find them in the cold and flu section of your local pharmacy or grocery store.

Do I need the flu vaccine?

Obviously, it’s up to you if you want to get the flu vaccine. Some employers require their employees to receive the flu vaccine. Even though medicines to treat the flu exist, flu vaccines are developed every year as a way to combat the sickness. Although the flu vaccine doesn’t completely eliminate your risk for getting the flu, it does lessen the likelihood of getting it.

The final say:

the flu vaccine can help lessen your likelihood of getting the flu. Tamiflu may not be able to treat the flu, but in cases that it can, ask your doctor about prescribing you its generic version, called oseltamivir phosphate.

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